More about gemstones, the story

Gemstones have long-fascinated jewellers and jewellery fans alike.
It’s not just their dazzle and the way they catch the light, but the spiritual meaning behind each one and the way they reflect the wearer’s character.

Find your perfect gemstone

Garnet - January

Beloved by the Egyptians, garnet is January’s birthstone. With its fiery hue, it signifies eternal friendship. The perfect gift for someone you love having around.

Eternal friendship

Amethyst - February

February's lovely lavender birthstone was believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans to be capable of warding off intoxicating, harmful spirits and keeping the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. 

Quick wit & intellect

Aquamarine - March

March’s birthstone is the romantically named aquamarine. Legend has it that sailors believed it protected them from storms and jealous mermaids. Symbolic of calm seas and ever-lasting tranquility.

Tranquility & calm

Diamond - April

Almost in need of no introduction, April’s famous birthstone is the classic diamond. As well as famously being the symbol of eternal love, the diamond also represents immense courage.

Eternal love & courage

Emerald - May

Easy-to-love emerald is the birthstone for May. It’s deep green gorgeousness symbolises good fortune and youth. The finest lucky charm a girl can have.

Luck & youthfulness

Pearl - June

Also known as ‘moonstone’, June’s pearl is formed in oysters and has been immensely popular since the era of the Roman Empire. Traditionally, it symbolises Purity, chastity and modesty.

Ruby - July

Warm, confident ruby is the birthstone for those born in July. Rubies arouse the senses and stir the imagination. They encourage good health, wisdom and success, particularly in matters of the heart.

Health, wisdom & success

Peridot - August

August babies can enjoy magnesium-rich peridot. Apple-green in colour, this volcano-forged gem is said to bring the wearer power, influence and a wonderful year.

Power & influence

Sapphire - September

September’s birthstone is the heavenly sapphire. According to folklore dating back to the Middle Ages, sapphire has the power to protect loved ones from envy or harm. Deepest blue and highly popular.

Divine power & security

Opal - October

Lucky October babies can enjoy Aussie opals as their birthstones. With their one-of-a-kind colour combinations, opals have a decidedly mystic quality and are known for enhancing creativity and sparking the imagination.

Creativity & imagination

Citrine - November

Thought to denote healing powers, November’s citrine (or topaz) was thought to represent the Egyptian Sun God Ra, boasting a brilliant golden glow and fiery intensity.


Turquoise - December

Turquoise is unique in that it is traditionally treated as a love charm. Enjoying a recent surge in popularity, this beautiful gem symbolises happiness and romantic prosperity.

Love & happiness

Non Birthstones


Alexandrite is the stone of prosperity and longevity. A stunning, multi-coloured gem, it balances the mind and soothes the soul. Bluish-green in the daylight, crimson-violet under electric light, but beautiful all day long.

Prosperity & longevity

Pink Sapphire

Cousin to the blue sapphire, this rosy gem is perfect for those with a passion for pink. Thought to represent resilience and strength, it is particularly lovely in pendant form.

Resilience & strength

Blue Topaz

The versatile topaz can be found in a veritable rainbow of colours, but blue topaz is particularly stunning and said to signify invincibility and superhuman strength.


London Blue Topaz

This rich blue topaz is known as ‘London Blue’ due to its deep royal blue colouring, not dissimilar in colour to the jewel used in the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring. Steeped in mystery, the topaz is believed to signify great wisdom.

Wisdom & regality

Pink Tourmaline

Vibrant, eye-catching and utterly feminine, this pretty crystal helps the wearer to channel tolerance and radiate kindness. The perfect gift for a sweetheart.

Tolerance & kindness


A positively ethereal stone, the zircon is a gem of many talents. It offers spiritual protection, energising chakras and is known for encouraging the wearer to recognise and receive spiritual guidance. It is also believed to help in the resistance of toxins like nicotine and sugar.

Energy & resistance